Donor Letters

We must “Save the Music!”

Save the Music is the unique resource and repository of Jewish Music and Videos including Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino and Chazonish genres.

We are dedicated to finding old recordings and enriching them with lyrics, translations, transliterations, sheet music, and biographies of performers and composers. All of these treasures are available online in an easy-to-search directory for your pleasure, research, and use in education.

Our ultimate goal is digitization for future generations, resources for performers, and a worldwide calendar of Jewish Events!

Listen, for example and your heart will surely be touched. You can hear the stirring Zog Nit Keyn Mol, NEVER SAY, with renditions from Chava Alberstein, Theodore Bikel, Shimon Israeli, Jan Peerce, The Polish Army Orchestra, Paul Robeson, and even Gevolt…a Heavy Metal Version…with a bio included, and in Yiddish, English, Spanish and French!

One of our generous contributors, Lillian Zilberszweig, also donated 150 records in memory of her husband Jack Abshalom, whom she married August 6th 1944 and who passed away August 5th 1986. Jack’s father wrote the 5 Volume “Lexicon Fun
Yiddish Theater” and opened the doors to a rich and fulfilling Yiddish and artistic life for Jack and Lillian.

There are currently 3654 songs and 525 videos of Jewish music posted on our site and over 4,000 songs waiting for funds so that we can pay for the research, documentation and digitation process.

Additionally, SAVE THE MUSIC mission is to provide free web sites, free promotion and free calendars to current Jewish performers to help them establish their careers in Jewish Music and reach their audience.

What a legacy you create when you become a part of this effort! SAVE THE MUSIC can only achieve our goals with the assistance of generous donations from members of our community.