What is STM?

Save the Music is the exclusive resource and repository of Jewish Music and Videos including Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino and Chazonish genres.

Founded by Roman Ajzen in 2006, Save the Music is now the leading collector of Yiddish LP’s in the world. Just as important is our goal to become a virtual meeting place for performers to interact and post upcoming concerts, events and new releases.

This project encompasses the discovery of old and rare recordings and enriching them with lyrics, translations, transliterations, sheet music, and biographies of performers and composers. When was the song written? Why? What was the social context of the song? What did it intend to convey to the listener?

Multiple performances of the same song with different beats, rhythms, languages, and on various dates are available to inspire you. We even provide a “learn Hebrew” system for those who want to learn songs in with meaningful transliterations and translations.

(Why translate into English, Spanish, and French? There isn’t one Jewish language today. Jews in South America speak Spanish, Jews in America speak English, Jews in France speak French…all of us will be able to access these treasures. Yes, many people know a little bit of English to go shopping, but not enough to understand a song. So there must be a reasonable translation that maintains the meaning of the song and a proper transliteration to properly pronounce the words. Every word and phrase will be translated to follow the intent of the song and the music of the writer.)

All of these treasures are available online in an easy-to-search directory for your pleasure, research, and use in education. For example, songs are compiled by subject (ie resistance, Shabbos, Holiday, Children’s lullabies), by author, by performer, etc.

SAVE THE MUSIC is a s a project of the Internet Development Fund, a California 501c3 non-profit organization.